How Flufflefur came to be.

When I was 7, my mother handed me my first crochet hook.

I would carry yarn and said hook in a little plastic bag which I brought with me everyday to school. Whenever I was bored or had a little bit of spare time, I was crocheting. My yarn was even confiscated a few times by my teachers as I was crocheting in class (sorry Mum). It did not stop there. My mother taught me to sew, cross-stitch and mould clay. Handicraft is so beloved in my family and for as long as I can remember, I have grown up among rolls of felt, stacks of coloured paper, bottles of glitter and all sorts of nicknacks that my grandmother and mother used in their work.

As school took over, I had less and less time to hone my craft. I knew that I loved crafting to my very core, but I had no time to practice it anymore. In Uni, I took up crafting again and it awakened the spark of creativity in me, bringing me so much joy and fulfilment that I knew I could never put in aside again. Thus, Flufflefur was born! It gives me a safe space to explore creative energies in new mediums and share love and positivity (and all things kawaii!) with the world <3

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